Kettlebell Workout Routines

If you are excited about the thought of transforming your body by way of Russian kettlebell workouts, then you have come to the right place. Today you are going to learn expert exercises and tips that will transform your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.

First, we need to go over some very important pre-workout tips that you need to keep in mind:

1. Never start any workout regimen without consulting first with your physician. This is extremely important for those suffering with type 2 diabetes, heart related issues, and metabolic concerns. The capabilities physically of a healthy 30-year-old is significantly different of that a person of similar age and gender suffering with serious heart related problems.

2. Before you begin your workout indoors, choose a room that has the most space. If you are working out in a home that is small, chances are you will hit furniture and other objects that will impede your ability to exercise freely. If this is the case, consider moving the exercise routine to the front porch or backyard.

3. Regardless of your gripping capabilities at the onset, remember that even the most experienced kettlebell experts have dropped the bells on the floor from time to time. Invest in a thick rubber mat that will absorb the impact of the heavy bells. Make sure your entire workout takes place on the mat so a dropped kettlebell will not damage the floor in any way. The mat will be useful for torso rotation, Turkish get-ups, and other kettlebell exercises.

4. Never wear any type of clothing that may restrict your full range of motion. The key to these exercises is moving freely with comfort and ease. Do not wear any type of clothing that could become snagged during your kettlebell swing as it could become very dangerous.

5. It is important that you have your own set of kettlebells in case your local gym does not have any in their equipment inventory. Using the Russian kettlebells at home is perfectly fine, many experienced experts use them while exercising at their own homes.

Once you have become familiar with this pre-exercise guide, it is time to grab your kettlebells and start working out. Here are just a few exercises that will help you get started on your journey:

The Kettlebell Deadlift

This exercise routine is performed with one kettlebell or a pair of them. Begin by placing the kettlebell(s) in front of you and bend using the waist to pick them up. As you grip the bell tightly, begin to straighten your body, using the power of the hips, core, and waist. The back needs to be neutral during this exercise, there should be little or no strain in the back region at all. Now use the hips to provide that extra boost of power and drive the feet into the ground. This will allow your hips to easily lift the entire body upward.

Kettlebell Pull-Ups

Begin the kettlebell pull-ups in the squat position. Bending at the waist, pick up the kettlebell from in front of you and pull it up with both of your hands to chin level. If you have trouble during your first attempts getting the bell that high, try to get as close as possible. Hold the position for just a few seconds, then slowly return the kettlebell to the floor in front.