Zetaclear Reviews

Zetaclear nail fungus solutionNail fungus can be very painful and unsightly. Zetaclear purports that they have produced a product that will get rid of your nail fungus condition and prevent it from returning. We will examine these claims and cover everything from how to use this fungus treatment, it’s ingredients, possible results and any side effects as well as customer feedback so you are completely informed to make up your mind.

Zetaclear is an all-natural treatment for fungal infection. The product is said to work under the nail surface going directly to the root of the nail and attacking the problem. The product works in a two-step process using a topical solution with a natural oil spray to combat the fungus and get rid of it for good. Zetaclear claims to kill nail fungus and also get rid of that nasty yellow discoloration that makes you not want to show your feet and hands in public.

The Company:

Founded in 2002 the company quickly became a trusted name in the health and beauty sector. They are a member of the National Products Association and strive every day to bring products to people that are healthy and will improve their lives. The company’s mission is “To deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to our customers.”

Zetaclear Benefits and Results

The benefits of this product are two-fold. Not only does it work its way into the bloodstream to battle the bacteria that causes nail fungus but it also gets rid of the discoloration around the nails that is a direct result of the virus. The results are clear and healthy nails that make you want to show your hands and feet off to the world once again. You can go back to wearing flip flops, sandals and all of the high-heels that you have been missing for years according to the reviews of this product.

How To Use

Zetaclear is a two part cure – Oil to apply to the nail itself and a homeopathic spray and here is how you use it for the best results.

The first thing you need to do, especially if you have any medical conditions is to see your doctor to make sure there is no underlying cause for your nail fungus. People with Diabetes, a low immune system or some other health conditions are prone to nail fungus. Once you are cleared here are the steps to using Zetaclear.

First you need to put just a drop of oil onto the center of your nail. Spread the solution gently to cover the whole nail making sure to brush under the nail so that the solution completely covers and gets under the skin. Take a bandage and wrap it around the nail so that the top and edges of the finger or toe nail is covered. This way the nail and fungus or completely covered so the medicine can do its work. Make sure to apply the solution 3 times daily plus after you take a bath or shower. Also remember to file your nails about twice a week making sure to be gentle to remove loose nail debris and dead skin.The second stage is the homeopathic spray application. You spray the solution under your tongue so it can clear the nail fungus from the inside.

Don’t expect immediate results because as with any medical treatment it does take time. You are supposed to see results in two weeks as quoted by the website.


The ingredients are all natural making it a safe and natural way to get rid of nail fungus. The ingredients in the nail solution include Tea Tree oil, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Lemon grass oil, Vitamin E oil, Clove oil, and Undecylenic Acid.

The ingredients in the spray are as follows: Antimonium Cordum 200C, Mancinella 30C, Aresenicum Album 200C, Nitricum Acidum 200C, and other active and inactive ingredients.

Side Effects

Most of the ingredients in Zetaclear are oils. These include tea tree oil and Almond oil. Many people are allergic to nuts and therefore could be allergic to the almonds in the almond oil. Tea tree oil if ingested can cause allergic rashes that can be very severe. Tea tree oil can also cause diarrhea and stomach cramps if taken orally. Of course as with any medicine it should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers without a doctor’s permission first. There are no noted side effects with Zetaclear from consumers that have been reported just the possible side effects of the ingredients that are listed here.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons seem pretty simple. The pros are that it will help you to clear up the fungus that is eating away at your nails and get rid of the virus that caused it to start with. The homeopathic spray goes directly to the bloodstream and attacks the fungus where it started.

The only cons that can be seen are that it like any other treatment is not 100%. It will not work for everyone and you need to not use it if you are allergic to nuts. There are a few other side effects to the oils and other natural ingredients that you want to check into before using the product also.


The manufacturer offers a 90-day money back guarantee. If at any time in that 90-day period you are not satisfied with the product you can return complete items for a full refund. There are free trial bottles offered at certain times with certain packages.

Scam or Does Zetaclear Work

Customer feedback seems to be good for this one. You would be hard pressed to find a user that is not satisfied with not only the all-natural ingredients of Zetaclear but also the results that they have experienced. There was even a warning posted on one site that when clicked went to a glowing review of the product. What more could you ask for?

After weighing all the pros and cons and looking at the facts the Zetaclear system seems to be just what it says it is – an all-natural product that helps to keep away the virus and bacteria that causes nail fungus.

From the glowing reports and satisfied customers it is safe to say that giving Zetaclear a try is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Do your research and give it a try!