10 Simple Tips for a Lighter Skin

Below are some tips on how you can lighten your skin. While a nice skin tone matters, it is important that your skin stays healthy whatever method you choose.

  1. Try to avoid exposing your skin to too much sunshine. Sunshine, while useful in moderation, can harm the tone of your skin. We suggest you use sunscreen — say 20 SPF + — to protect your skin against harmful sunlight radiation.
  2. Drink plenty of water regularly. Water will not only help hydrate your body but also maintain skin tone. You will often find that foliage, such as leaves, without a supply of water tends to shrivel very quickly.
  3. Soaps: When washing your face try to use organic something like Likas Papaya Soap. Papaya Soap is organic and using it regularly will whiten your skin. When using Papaya Soap, lather for 3 minutes followed by thorough rinsing. If it causes dryness, consider applying an after wash lotion.
  4. Diet: Eat a rich and varied diet based on many different fruits and vegetables. This will ensure that your skin has a regular supply of the vitamins and minerals it needs for a healthy tone.
  5. Wash your face regularly with plain water to keep it nice and clean – especially after visiting polluted, greasy environments, with lots of traffic.
  6. Instead of using a skin whitening cream, why not try a bit of yogurt together mixed with lemon juice. Yogurt and lemon juice form an excellent bleach for your skin. Another natural option includes grinding face turmeric in a bowl of olive oil and chickpea flour and applying that to your skin. The best thing is to try different options that work for you but avoid anything that will do long term damage.
  7. Milk is a natural skin bleacher. Adding some milk to a bowl and using a towel to gently rub it around your face will help cleansing.
  8. Consider taking a vitamin supplement such as Grapeseed only if your natural diet does not provide the same vitamins. Fish oil that contains Omega 3 and anti-oxidants found in many fruits are also excellent for a healthy skin, lovely hair, and your nails.
  9. Cut a lemon into two small slices and rub it gently into your face and around your neck. Leave the lemon juice on your skin for about 10 – 20 minutes before washing it away with plain water. Regularly cleansing your face with lemon juice will slowly start lightening the tone. Do not, however, use lemon juice from bottles!
  10. Get rid of old, dead cells and make way for new, paler cells by exfoliating.

The last thing you want is a short term result that undermines your long term health.